Wednesday, 23 February 2000

day eighteen: the blue mountains - national pass walk

My last full day in the Blue Mountains. James and I took the train to Wentworth Falls.

We started our walk at 9.45am. along the Darwin Walk. A route taken by Charles Darwin back in 1836. A suprisingly pleasant walk, considering the polluted stream. We spotted nuimerous lizards and parrots.

We reached Wentworth Falls, where I had visited on Monday, but from here we took the steep steps down to National Pass, a long trek round the side of the cliff. The path was good, sections were wet due to the run off from above, and the views were a constant surprise. The variation on this walk are great. From forest, to overhanging swamps, to waterfalls, to rockfaces.

We made our way around to the Valley of the Waters, where the highlights were Sylvia and Empress Falls, before a climb up to conservation Hut for lunch at 2pm. The hard graded section of our trek complete.

Lunch taken, with tea, we headed back down the track, and veered left along the Overcliff Walk, rated easy grade. The constant drizzle and damp conditions made a mockery of the grading, and some sections were unsteady.

Again, we saw parrots, and more panoramic delights, before reaching Darwin's Walk, and our trudge back to the railway station. In all, a walk of five and a half hours. The Wentworth Falls area had been the highlight of my stay in the Blue Mountains.

Final night, James and I went out to one of the local Chinese restaurants, then up the pub for a couple of VB's.

I must admit, I was sorry to be leaving the next day.