Saturday, 19 February 2000

day fourteen: the blue mountains - jenolan caves

Trip to Jenolan Caves, for a fullday. the scenery is worth the fare alone, with a descent down a narrow road that hugs the valley walls sheer drops.

Time for lunch, and one cave tour from a choice of five. I chose the Orient Cave, regarded as the most impressive of the list. It was graded medium, with about 390 steps, but I believe they err on the side of caution,as it seemed pretty easy.

The examples of rock formations, stalactites and stalacmites, are stunning. The caves are well lit, and the steps, well made with plenty of handrails.

Back to Katoomba, spotted some Eastern Grey Kangaroos along the way.

The evening, and a trip to the Kings Tableland Observatory, with my new roommate, Colin, from Burnley, in England. The full moon didn't help, but the trip was good. We got to see Saturn, which I personally thought was pretty exciting, and I'll have no problems spotting the Southern cross from now on!