Tuesday, 22 February 2000

day seventeen: the blue mountains - katoomba falls

Today, Colin left for Sydney, and I teamed up with a new roommate for a walk. his name was James, a lawyer from Stoke, and he was planning a long hike to Ruined Castle on the other side of the Jamieson Valley. I wasn't going that far, so accompanied him part of the way.

We took the Furber Steps down to the valley floor, about an hours walk with the best views of Katoomba Falls. we carried on passed the Scenic Railway platform, and the old coal mines, and up to a section known as "Landslide".

Here, back in 1931, a large part of the cliff face collapsed, due to over mining, and the path is unstable, and care must be taken. From here, we could see Ruined Castle across the valley. Not far as the crow flies, but a good 5 hour return journey through the valley. We parted company, James carried on, and I returned to the platform for the train up.

Spent the afternoon relaxing after a pleasant 3 hours walking in cool conditions, where rain had threatened, but never came until late afternoon.