Friday, 11 February 2000

day six: hong kong - ocean park

Amazing! No tour today, no need to rush for breakfast, no need to keep to a schedule, and yet, I still got up at 7am.

Took the usual mile walk for breakfast, and from there,I walked through Wan Chai to Admiralty to catch the bus to Ocean Park. The crowds at the bus station suggested I may regret going today. With schools on holiday, and the glorious weather, many had the same idea as me!

The main reason I was to visit Ocean Park, was to see the Giant Panda's, that arrived from China last year, but the location of the park gives spectacular views of Aberdeen, and, from the cable car, Repulse Bay.

The panda enclosure itself, was an indoor complex, landscaped to make its inhabitants comfortable, and, in relation to the "Prison" I visited last year, in Guanzchou, was an improvement but far from ideal.
Also, in the park, there are the usual rides, an aquarium, and other displays.

Made my way back to the hotel, starting to get the beginnings of a sore throat, hope it is nothing too serious.