Monday, 21 February 2000

day sixteen: the blue mountains - wentworth falls

Fortunately, Colin had hired a car from Victoria, so we drove out to Wentworth Falls, where we hiked from the car park, along the cliff top to the falls. Each day spent in the Blue Mountains presents us with evermore stunning vistas!

The weather was cool, an early mist slowly disappeared and once again, the sun broke through the cloud cover. This is, truly, a special place, what I wouldn't give to have this on my doorstep.

The morning passed quickly, and in the afternoon we went to the cinema in Katoomba, to watch the film "The Edge". Projected on a screen 4 storeys high, you are given a bird's eye view of the area, and a peak at the canyon's below that only the most experienced climbers have seen. A beautifully made documentary, and a must for visitors to the Blue Mountains.

The evening, and a trip to the Grand Canyon to see the Glow Worms. It is a surreal experience, wandering down the section known as "Many Steps" in fading light was a good way to acclimatise to the dark. We spotted a possum in a gum tree, happily ignoring the light set upon it. Further down, below the rainforest canopy, we came to a stop.

We turned out our torches, to see what appeared to be a night sky above us, with strange constellations. Without realising it, we had walked into a tunnel, and the glow worms clung to the rock ceiling, shining a blue light to attract insects for food.

We sat in silence, for about ten minutes, listening to the sound of the bush, before our guide began playing haunting sounds with his didgeridoo.