Tuesday, 29 February 2000

day twenty-four: canberra to karoonda - wombat spotting

Dave had promised us a better day, and he wasn't wrong. We journeyed into the Snowy Mountains, following the Barrie Way. A winding unsealed road, our life was in our drivers hands! We descended into the valley to Snowy River, where "That Man" was from.

A scorching sun bathed the shallow river, and we stopped for lunch, and to dip our toes.

Onward into Victoria, goodbye New South Wales. We carried on up the Barrie Way, with some great views again, missed by half the bus, sleeping or reading - what a waste!

Stopped overnight at the Karoonda YHA, a small farm of about 600 acres. Had an excellent roast dinner, for 8 dollars, and then a night drive in the back of a utility vehicle, to view the nightlife. saw plenty of Wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, and a possum, not to mention the cattle and sheep.

Had this annoying Dutchman with us, who thought he was Dr. Dolittle, doing impressions of every animal "Moo!, Baa!, Boing Boing!" What an arsehole!