Monday, 28 February 2000

day twenty-three: sydney to canberra - on the road again

Left Sydney today, an early morning ferry to the city, and pickup for the 4 day journey to Melbourne.

A long drive of ten hours today, fairly uneventful. The journey was delayed by some English guy getting on the wrong bus, and having to be returned to Circular Quay, through the morning traffic. Our driver, Dave, A Kiwi, wasn't best pleased, and the idiot was humiliated before the rest of the passengers.

The journey headed down the coast to Kiama, and the blow holes, that weren't playing today, so we just had a fish and chips lunch and moved on. There were plenty of places along the way that warranted a couple of days exploring; Pebbly Beach, Bateman's Bay, but I have to be in Melbourne for the ferry to Tasmania on Friday.

Our bus laboured up into the hills, through farmland, rolling hills that reminded me of home.

We reached Canberra about 6.30 pm. Really unimpressed with the capital so we all just booked into the Youth Hostel, had a couple of beers, ordered a pizza, then went to bed about 10.45pm.