Thursday, 30 March 2000

day fifty-four: return to adelaide

The coach journey to Adelaide was, as I expected, moments of uncomfortable neck ache due to sitting in an aisle seat, constant squirming in my chair trying, in vain, to get a suitable position to sleep. That said, I must have succeeded, because the 12 hours passed quickly, and we arrived around 6am.

Although the Glenelg Beach Resort bus was waiting there to meet me, we still had to wait for others on various interstate coaches, so we set off to the hostel an hour and a half later. The hostel was nothing like the brochure photos. The dorm I was in was a pig sty, I put that down to the youngsters there, barely out of their teens, trying to recreate the bedrooms back home.

I met up with Nichola, for the first time since Devonport, about 2pm, in the hostel. We went down to look at the beach.

In the evening, I met the rest of her "Gang", whom she had met on the Oz Experience trip from Melbourne. I sat in the dorm playing daft drinking games before going to the bar, and then the beach about midnight, with a carton of wine.

A couple of the guys went off to buy some dope, and returned with a couple of joints. It amused me to see these kids off their face. I later learned that they had no tobacco in the joints, but some were just over the top, and I wondered how much of their reaction was exaggerated. It really was quite embarrassing.