Wednesday, 29 March 2000

day fifty-three: last day in melbourne

Up early to check out before 10am. Did some washing and tried to amuse myself before my coach back to Adelaide in the evening.

My thoughts on Melbourne; I didn't "warm" to it, like Sydney, all those years ago. Not my cup of tea, cities. Although I had a couple of good nights here over my 3 visits, went to the MCG, saw the Gaol, I was struggling to keep myself busy.

The problem with city hostels, is that they are big, and you can find yourself lost easily amongst all these people. Don't get me wrong, I struck up conversations with people, but like all travellers, it is the same old crap "Where you been? Where you goin'?", and you never actually manage to get beyond that, never find much else out about them. It really is true that you can be more lonely in a crowd, than being in the middle of nowhere by yourself.