Friday, 24 March 2000

day forty-eight: the grampians

Up at 9.30am, did some washing in the morning, and got a lift into town in the afternoon with Fiona who was leaving for Adelaide.

After lunch, I tackled the Chataqua Peak walk on my own. The walk passed through a fern grove and up a rocky area to the peak which took about an hour. The prize was more views of Halls Gap from an elevation of 200 metres. I climbed down the other side, through open forest, via the dry Clematis Falls, to Mount Victory road, and back into town.

From the town, I walked back to the hostel, a distance of 4km, which took an hour; a total of nine this afternoon.

Back at the hostel there were new arrivals, a group of four travelling together and a strange mixture at that. Irish and Dutch girls, and English and Swiss-French men. Later another Englishman arrived.
Sat up with a few beers, went to bed about midnight, but an hour later I had moved into the lounge because of the snoring and slept on the couch!