Tuesday, 21 March 2000

day forty-five: adelaide

I got up, showered and had breakfast about 9.30am. Plenty of boring stuff today. Hostel bookings, tour confirmations, shopping.

Maddy and I went to Rundle Street, and most chores were achieved in that area, including lunch. We returned to the hostel about 5pm, after a couple of chemist visits for the benefit of Maddy, say no more!
Sat around until we were joined by yet more Swiss, and the foreign conversation went straight over my head. I had to leave, my uncomfortable silence was deafening!

For dinner, we went to Gouger Street where the street is lined with restaurants, some a bit out of the backpacking range, but we settled for an Italian place where the owner was accommodating, chatty and probably after a good tip!

After dinner, we returned to the pub next door to the hostel, but it was shut and we had to make do with a beer in the hostel. We were quiet, subdued, tired. It was our last night travelling together, and I hate goodbyes, I always feel awkward. Eventually, we got talking again, and said our farewells about 11'ish. I have no doubt Maddy and I will meet again sometime, maybe when I am in Switzerland again.