Saturday, 25 March 2000

day forty-nine: the grampians

It was time to move on today, but not until 5.30pm., when pick up was arranged. With time to kill, I embarked on another bush walk. This one began at Lake Bellfield, following an old 4 wheel drive track on a steady incline for a couple of clicks, before joining a trail to Sundial Peak. On this stretch, I was startled by a rustling in the bush, only to see two kangaroos peering at from about 20 feet away. I continued up the track to Viewpoint, where you could see the lake in all its withered glory!

This took me an hour and a half, and with time, and water, disappearing quickly, I did not really have time to continue on to the peak, so returned the same route. On the way down, I disturbed the same two roos.

Caught a taxi into town and sat in the park, with my lunch, read my book, listened to some music, dodged some nasty looking March Flies, and was surprised by a massive grey kangaroo that decided to skip past me, and across the high street!

The bus arrived at 5pm, and shortly after we were heading back to Melbourne, via Ballarat. Tried hard to ignore this man from Thailand sitting in front of me with the most obvious "Syrup" perched on his head.
We stopped in Ballarat to drop a Danish girl, and we went for a McDonalds. The girl ordered a medium fries and an ice cream. Fine....until she began eating them together. I asked if she was pregnant, but no, just weird!

By the time we arrived at Queensberry Hill YHA, it was dark, and nearly 9pm. At least when the clocks go back tomorrow, I get an extra hour in bed.