Thursday, 23 March 2000

day forty-seven: the grampians

Up at 9am, joined the tour again, which was good of them seeing as I hadn't paid for the 2 day trip.
Clara, our guide, took us on a 4km walk up the Boronia Peak, a track she had never done before. Well worth the effort, with a superb 360 degree panorama of the area. After the climb we went to lunch in town.

The majority turned down another walk, opting to stay in the park. Four of us chose to do the two hour Pinnacles Walk, and it turned out to be the highlight. The route had countless rock formations, a section named the Grand Canyon, and a stunning view at the top. I recommend this to everyone who takes the time to visit the region.

Picked up at 5pm, by Clara, I returned to town, quickly grabbed some beers from the supermarket and returned to the hostel. Mark and Elle moved on, Fiona and I were joined by a couple of Irish lads. Relaxed, watched some TV, before bed.