Wednesday, 22 March 2000

day forty-six: the grampians

Thankfully, left the Adelaide City Backpackers early, picked up by Wild Life tours for my journey to Halls Gap in The Grampians.

The trip to my destination was long and without the relief of air conditioning, uncomfortable. I was six hours before we reached our first real tourist attraction, McKenzies Falls, in The Grampians.

This is a great spot for a swim, but I declined and very soon my decision was vindicated when the pool was invaded by about sixty school kids. We made a hasty retreat and went on to Reids Lookout and The Balconies which is famed for its views of the range and the "Jaws of Death" rock formation.

Last stop before drop off was Boroka Lookout, and views of Halls Gap. Nestled amongst two strips of mountain range, an impressive setting and I was looking forward to my short stay here.

I booked into the YHA, positioned at its temporary location at Lakeside Caravan Park. Not ideal, given it was 4km from town, but the beds were comfy in the cabin, with kitchen, shower, toilet, and TV. I was with an English couple, Mark and Elle, who were on the tour, and a Canadian named Fiona, who had arrived a day earlier. We watched TV, cooked some dodgy omelettes, and settled in for the night.