Sunday, 19 March 2000

day forty-three: great ocean road day two

I slept really well. The cool air was a marked contrast from the Melbourne heat the night before.
The night started slowly, tea break at Portland, and a short diversion to Mount Richmond National Park, where we spotted two more Koala's.

Travelling through Pine forests, we stopped at a sinkhole, hidden amongst the trees, basically a collapsed cavern, creating a bloody big hole! Walking back, Maddy kept hearing wild animals growling, and kept stopping to look for them. How disappointed she was to find it was my stomach rumbling, I was starving!

Before lunch at Mount Gambier, a climb up Mount Schank, an extinct volcano with an impressive bowl shaped crater. We then had a look at the towns’ water supply; Blue Lake.

Lunch was had at Umpherston Sinkhole, creatively fashioned into a garden, with ivy cascading down its sides, and lawn and flower beds arranged across the floor, including a barbecue area.

We explored this for half an hour, Maddy and I. Maybe it was me, but I got the impression we were distancing ourselves from the others on the tour. On the walks, we always wandered from the pack, a wise decision on short walks, as you tend to see more.

We took a short a short break at Millicent, Maddy and I had a beer in a pub, whilst trying to arrange our accommodation for Adelaide.

We returned to the coast, and the sunny weather, after lunch. Canunda National Park at Cape Buffon, near Southend, was a delightful walk along the rugged cliff edge with many unusual rock formations.
We rolled into picturesque Beachport around 6pm. A quick tour of the town, and stopped at the hostel, located on the edge of Rivoli Bay.

Went to Bompas hotel for dinner, once again we sat away from the others, not on purpose, we just didn't realise they were in another room.

Richard, then, promptly kicked our butts on the Pool table, then left for bed, leaving us to stumble through a couple of games on our own. Once we had run out of coins, we turned to Darts, before the pub closed at 9.30pm.