Monday, 6 March 2000

day thirty: devonport - regatta day

Up at nine, my last lie-in for a week. The morning was overcast, and cold enough to warrant jeans and a jumper. I walked into town, had brekkie and went to the Devonport Regatta.

It was early, and fairly subdued, with only a few rowing boats out on the Mersey, hardly worth the ten dollar entrance fee, so I watched for a while from a vantage point that was free. Bored pretty quickly, I went to the cinema again.

After, I returned to the Regatta. Now, the "Big Boys Toys" were on the water, racing up and down the harbour at horrific speeds, but the races were never close, always won by a distance of over 100 metres, so I left for the Internet shop, and had lunch at KFC. Eventually, it was time to go back to the hostel safe in the knowledge it would be open.

I was speaking to a guy in the hostel, who told me a few things about the place. From my observations, I could see bins outside that had not been emptied for 3 days at least, people were not given linen, to save on the washing, guests were encouraged to use sleeping bags, which is unhygienic. The caretaker woman was a little patronising to those who could not speak English too well. The worst aspect was the fact that the place was locked from 10am til 5pm. They also ask for 20 cents per shower. It is safe to say, I would not recommend the Devonport YHA.

In the evening I got a lift into town, to pick up a Chinese takeaway, then back to the hostel.