Saturday, 11 March 2000

day thirty-five: port arthur to hobart

We had a short time in the morning to take a look at Port Arthur in the light, before making our way up the Tasman Peninsula, a couple of stops, for breakfast, Remarkable Cave and Tasmans Arch.
We arrived in Hobart around midday, being dropped at the Salamanca Market, for a couple of hours.

Me, Nik, and Maddy wandered around. I have come to the conclusion that the pair of them are totally "off their heeds", constantly singing their way around the streets of Hobart. we grabbed a bite to eat and I got some photos developed, before our pickup at 3pm.

We were lucky today, the weather was good enough for a journey up mount Wellington, and a view of the city and surrounds from a height of 1270 metres. The temperature was bloody cold, and we didn't hang around too long before descending back into Hobart to our accommodation - Central Backpackers Hostel.

Sampled a few beers in the bar, and played some pool, getting beaten by "Girl Power". Nick wouldn't let me forget how crap I was at the stupid game!

Before it was too late, Shaun took us out to a pub, stopping en route for a kebab. Plenty more Boags and a good laugh, before Shaun left us. we were joined by a couple of Aussie girls out celebrating a 21st birthday. One even thought I was an Aussie, Christ knows how!

We got chucked out of the pub at closing time, 12.30 am., and rushed back shivering in the rain, to the hostel. Bed about 1.15am., after Nick had defaced the Under Down Under poster in the hostel, drawing characters on the tour.