Wednesday, 15 March 2000

day thirty-nine: devonport

Spent the whole morning updating the web site, then, after a bite to eat, returned to the hostel around 1pm.

Nik was there, and we killed some time in the afternoon playing Pool, where, at long last, I tanned her good and proper! She blamed it on the lack of alcohol, she was probably right. Then, we moved on to Table Tennis, where we battered the ball into submission, and had to stop before it collapsed. Next were cards, while waiting for Maddy to return so we could go out for dinner.

The evening was good, we went for a Chinese, excellent food, dodgy singing, 2 litres of wine nearly drunk, before returning to the hostel. Nik said goodbye, Maddy and I finished off the wine, and a beer, before bed at midnight.