Sunday, 12 March 2000

day thirty-six: hobart to strahan

A long drive today, from the East Coast to the West. Fairly uneventful, with a handful of comfort stops, before reaching Lake St. Clair for lunch and a walk on the shoreline. This is the start or end of the 65km Overland Track, renowned as being the the best walk in Australia. With the weather cold and wet, we moved on, to Franklin river and the Surprise River Walk.

Shaun decided to send us off through the rain forest one by one, so we could savour the atmosphere, and purposely sent Nick and Maddy off, then kept me back so I wouldn't catch up with them. Bugger!

After the walk, we drove to Donaghy's Hill, for a 40 minute return walk to the top for views of the range, including Frenchman's Cap. Next, another waterfall, Nelson's Falls, Lake Burberie, and Queenstown, where we stopped to replenish the sweetie jar.

We arrived in Strahan YHA, and went for a pizza, then the lively pub. When the four of us walked in, it double the attendance of the place! Once again, Sven and I were beaten at Pool, by the ladies, hardly surprising when they use dirty tactics like lean over the pockets, feel your leg when your taking a shot!

The walk home had Nick and Maddy singing again, waking up the Western half of Tasmania, and causing wildlife to throw themselves in front of oncoming traffic to escape the torture! Shaun was sat up drinking back at the YHA, and he heard us leaving the pub, fifteen minutes away!

We had another beer, with Shaun, some old fart got up and asked us to keep the noise down, and we all disappeared to bed shortly after.