Wednesday, 8 March 2000

day thirty-two: rocky cape national park

Off along the beautiful central coast, we reached Rocky Cape National Park. We visited Dip Falls, and a 62 metre Browntop Stringybark tree.

We took a walk up over a couple of hills, and down to Adventurous Bay. Sharon had no idea she would be doing this sort of exercise, but kept up. We reached the beach and rested for a haf hour, exploring the rock pools and collecting shells for Jo.

We returned to the bus via a different route, clabering down crumbling rocks to a couple of caves, before reaching the bus. I think Sharon had had enough of bushwalking, I was suprised she managed it.

We stopped at Boat Harbour for fish and chips, and a swim in the sea. Freezing at first, but great fun jumping around in the surf. Ken and Sharon didn't venture very far in.

Then a drive back to Devonport via the coastal route.