Sunday, 30 April 2000

day eighty-five: lucky bay to nanga bay

Lucky Bay, up early and off to the sand dunes. Jeremy took the vehicle down one big one and we ended up getting out and waiting for him to get the vehicle back out. We wandered down to the beach and stayed for half an hour.

This section of the tour I have experienced twice before, and I see it as a means to an end, to reach Karijini National Park.

We drove to Kalbarri for a look at the coastline, and then onto the Z Bend gorge for a climb down to the floor. The water was higher than previous visits and this changed the scenery a great deal. Lunch was in the car park.

Next, we had a long drive to Nanga Bay Holiday Resort, stopping briefly to view and hold a Thorny Devil, my favourite lizard.

Time was on our side, and we stopped at Hamelin Pool to view the Stromatalites, the oldest living single cell organism. A beautiful sunset, then a drive on to the resort, spotting an echidna along the road.

Arrived at Nanga Bay at around 6.30pm, set up camp, cooked dinner - my dips were particularly popular! Finished off with a few beers and a chat with Jeremy.