Saturday, 29 April 2000

day eighty-four: perth to lucky bay

Left early, Reg gave me a lift to Wellington Coach Station for the start of my journey with All Terrain Safaris. I would be travelling a route I had experienced a few years back, all the way up the west coast to Broome, and then through the Kimberleys to Darwin.

I met the driver, Jeremy, a South African, and the rest of our small group of eight; Monika, Niki and Peti (Switzerland), Ben (Australia), Emma (England), Judith (England), Denise (Germany) and me.

We headed off at 8am, out of the city along the Great Northern highway, stopping for tea at a roadhouse. We arrived at our first sightseeing location, The Pinnacles, in Nambung National Park. A short walk through, and then lunch.

Today, was a long day of driving, our goal was to reach Lucky Bay for bush camp, which we acheived around 7pm. Set up camp, had a few beers, spaghetti bolognese for dinner, and then bed, my first night in my new swag.