Tuesday, 4 April 2000

day fifty-nine: kangaroo island

Most of the night, I was awake, increasingly concerned about the rising water. When I finally fell asleep about 2am, I was woken up by Charlotte an hour later. The fight to save the camp had been lost and we were moving to a dryer site. Tim, Jan & I hastily packed up in the rain, whilst the girls sat in the Land rover.

We drove to the National Park campsite and bedded down in the sheltered food and barbecue area.
We were up early, to avoid the Park Ranger, then, after breakfast, drove to the far North West end of the park.

We headed off on an hour long walk to a secluded beach, wading across a tributary, to get there. The wind was high, and our legs were sandblasted as we rushed for the shelter of some nearby caves.
A look in the caves, by torchlight, revealed Fairy penguins. We had lunch inside and walked back.

We had a last look at a couple of beaches on the return journey to Penneshaw to catch the ferry. The weather was bad enough to stop the crossing but when we arrived, it had been given the all clear.

With time to spare, Faye, Charlotte, Kate and I went to the pub whilst the others went to view some penguins. As we returned to the ferry, we got to see more penguins than them, simply crossing the road.
The ferry was rough, but I managed to keep from throwing up, then the rain followed us all the way back to Adelaide.

Back at the hostel, I had a beer with Jan in the bar, before bed.