Sunday, 2 April 2000

day fifty-seven: kangaroo island

I had a surprising lack of hangover this morning. Sarah was pretty bad though. About 6am, she got off her top bunk to go to the loo and fell on the floor. Duncan got her up and managed to stop her from peeing right there on the floor. She then tried to climb into the wrong bunk, and Duncan decided to put her in the bottom bed, swapping with Carol. She was totally confused when she was finally conscious a couple of hours later waking up in the wrong bed!

I checked out and hung around for my pick up at 2.30pm.

The bus arrived late, but no matter, we travelled through some picturesque scenery to catch the ferry. The trip consisted of 11, including the driver, Tim.

The crossing was choppy, and when we arrived at Penneshaw, we stocked up at the Bottle Shop, and drove on to our bush camp. Dinner was excellent Skippy Steaks, followed by a little walk in the dark to the beach, which we never found. Night was spent surrounded by Possums crawling through the camp and the bus, under a starlit sky - perfect!