Saturday, 1 April 2000

day fifty-six: adelaide

Ever since I arrived here, all I've wanted to do was sleep. Arose late, went for some eggs on toast in a cafe, then eventually got to the beach about 12.30pm.

A couple of hours on the beach, had lunch then returned to the hostel. Keen for my tour to start tomorrow, to Kangaroo Island, getting a bit too lazy here!

I had an evening out with a Scottish couple, Duncan and Carol and 2 English girls from Kent, Sarah and Leonne. It turned out to be a good night out down the pub round the corner. Sarah's claim to fame was meeting West Ham stars Rio and Frank in Cyprus, and seeing Frank for quite a while. Seems like Lampard Junior had quite a crush on her.

Sarah spilt a glass of red wine over Carol, and then Leonne got some salt from the bar and just covered her jeans, and most of the floor. Then the two girls spotted a couple of bottles of wine out by the toilets, so decided to nick them, stuffing them down their trousers, with a few glasses in their bags. As we left, the bouncer opened the door, and Sarah staggered off. On her way, she dropped a glass and carried on walking. The bouncer asked "What was that?"
"'Oh, someone left a glass on the pavement and she kicked it" I replied, praying it wasn't the bottle. We got round the corner, drank a bottle, and then went to the hotel bar. Bed about 2.30am, all fairly pissed!