Tuesday, 18 April 2000

day seventy-three: the shortcut to perth

Booked out of the hostel and checked the tour was still going. Suggestions were that we might have to take the long route across the Nullaboor. Whilst waiting for the truck to arrive at 11am, a phone call came to the hostel, it was in for repair on the starter motor and we wouldn't be leaving until 2pm.

2.15pm, and we left Alice Springs, the Todd River flowing nicely, a privilege to see such a thing. Rain followed us on our trek down the Stuart Highway. De ja Vu as we revisited roadhouses at Erldunda, Curtin Springs and Yulara.

We passed Uluru in the dark, a menacing black mass on the horizon, before heading to Kata Tjuta, equally intimidating against a grey, moonlit sky.

We were going to chance the short cut, and turned onto the Dock River Road, a dirt track that takes you to the WA border. We finally stopped at a Telstra communications tower to set up camp at 10.45pm. Good news, the rain had stopped!