Monday, 10 April 2000

day sixty-five: the road to alice day six

Up early to see sunrise. we arrived at the National Park first, before it had opened, and was well set up in the viewing area for the show. every other group enviously eyed our pancakes and coffee that Hugh cooked on the barbie for us.

Met up with Duncan, Carol, Sarah and Leonne again, they were with Mulga Tours. They were off with Travelabout to Perth the next day, the same route I would be taking a week later.

After the sunrise, we walked around the base, an excellent few hours exploring the rock. Rain had forced the climb to be shut, not that I would have done it anyway.

Afternoon at the campsite, relaxing before another stab at the sunset. Surprise, surprise, it rained again, and we left the viewing area early, to get back to camp.

Evening, and there were 42 of us in the same area, cooking was a pain, so a few beers were in order to make the best of it! We had a Didgeridoo demonstration, and a few more beers round the campfire before bed about midnight.