Thursday, 6 April 2000

day sixty-one: the road to alice day two

Up in the morning for a walk into Wilpena Pound, shaped like a giant amphitheatre, a good spot for early settlers to keep their livestock. The beginnings of a cold coming on, Kangaroo Island was beginning to take its toll.

After lunch, some washing, we left Wilpena, making our way through some great scenery in the Flinders Ranges. We stopped at Blinman, with a population of thirty, for a beer in the local pub. Got my first hint here, that the elderly Dutch couple were a pain in the arse, as he pushed in front of me at the bar!

Arrived at Angorichina, our accommodation in the Tourist Village, a remote building originally used for returned soldiers recovering from Tuberculosis.

Had a barbecue tonight, Hugh, a former chef, cooked a delicious Kangaroo! Sat around the campfire, talking to Graham and Tess from England, amongst others, while we suffered the musical tastes of Bruce, also from Old Blighty.