Wednesday, 12 April 2000

day sixty-seven: the road to alice day eight

Our last day, and a highlight - Kings Canyon. Leaving our tents to dry out, we headed for the walk to the canyon. A steep climb, before a comfortable stroll across the top, viewing the impressive rock formations.

It was here that Hugh decided to discuss "Men's Business". He sent the girls away and led us through a ritual of raising our arms, kissing the ground and touching the flora to become one with the earth, before instructing us to make a wish.

He then told us that he was psychic and knew what we had wished for, so he called the girls back. For a few nervous moments we weren't sure of our fate, but it was soon apparent when they appeared holding bikinis, brasm underwear etc.. to dress us up in. I was subjected to a pink bikini and sarong, with matching lipstick. Totally humiliated, or so we thought, we then had to walk for a further ten minutes or so, to The Garden of Eden, passing an endless stream of ridicule from tourists. A laugh at our expense, but good fun all the same.

When we had reached The Garden of Eden, we went for a swim and a look at the waterfall, running for the first time Hugh had been there. The view, once more, was superb.

We then headed back down to our bus, a walk of about an hour. when everyone was back, we returned to the campsite and had lunch, before packing up and leaving for Alice Springs.

Our route was to be along the Merenee Loop, a tough bone shaking ride via an Aboriginal settlement, Hermansberg. Hugh told us to hide our beer, and valuables and shut all the windows and lock the door, when leaving the bus. Luckily, my absent mindedness proved to be a life saver for Hugh, when he realised he had locked the keys in! Any other time he said he would have throttled me!

Back on tarmac, we drove into Alice on time, at 6pm. Booked into Melanka's, sharing a deluxe room with Graham, Tess, and Gemma, Celine and Chevonne, 3 Irish girls.

In the evening, it was down to a local pub, Bojangles, for a last night meal and then onto Melanka's disco.

The meal was excellent; skippy and Chippies! We had a laugh as we all ended up on stage to sing a song from our different countries. Luckily, the pub was packed with English, so there were about 10 of us singing "Yellow Submarine" and "Wonder wall".

From the pub, to the disco, and a late night with highlights being Graham and Tess dirty dancing to win a jug of beer, and Helen totally pissed and molesting poor old Bruce!

Bed about 3.15am, after a quick game of pool, A good night!