Tuesday, 11 April 2000

day sixty-six: the road to alice day seven

I was awoken at four by a coach load of school kids leaving the site. Packed our wet tents early, then went off to The Olgas, or Kata Tjuta.

I was feeling a little fragile, so took the short walk. When we left after lunch, for Kings Canyon, Hugh became increasingly concerned about the weather. We stopped to watch a storm, with lightning, which had settled over the area we were heading. Hugh was now worried that the creeks would fill and leave us stranded for maybe even a week!

When we arrived at Kings Canyon, the situation wasn't as bad as first thought. The campsite was a joy, grass, made the setting up of our tents easy, althugh they were still damp from Uluru. With a campfire, some VB, and a cloudless sky, we enjoyed our last evening on the road.