Saturday, 8 April 2000

day sixty-three: the road to alice day four

Breakfast, and broke camp before the arrival of the flies at dawn. Off on our way across Anna Creek Station, the biggest cattle station in the world at 30,113 square kilometers.

Various breaks along the way for Hugh to get his nicotine fix, including the Dingo Fence just outside Coober Pedy, the longest fence in the world at 9600km.

Arrived at Coober Pedy late morning, what a dump! I was feeling really rough, my cold was at its worse.

Had a town tour, including the Underground Catholic Church. Arnold was true to form, and rang the bell outside, whilst people were inside worshiping.

After the tour, used the internet then returned to our cave for a sleep. Went to dinner at a pizza place, after which everybody went to the pub, except me. I went to bed, feeling miserable in the heat. I was close to calling it a day, and going straight to Alice.