Wednesday, 3 May 2000

day eighty-eight: coral bay

Most people went snorkelling this morning, I chose to find a tree and catch up with some sleep. We moved the bus to a shady spot for lunch, which meant having to get up with the rest of them, and then I used the internet before picking that tree.

Everyone returned about 11.30, and then we all went down the beach, before lunch. Once we had eaten, we packed up and dropped Emma and Ben off at the hostel. It would be a quieter journey without them, and they would be missed.

So we left Coral Bay, heading for our bush camp at Duck Creek. Stopped for sunset and a last cigarette before giving up. I wasn't sure why I had decided now was the time.

Duck Creek was a good spot, although we struggled to find wood for the campfire. We settled in for the night.