Saturday, 13 May 2000

day ninety-eight: kununurra

Morning, and a trip up the Ord River with Dingo. A great speedboat ride up the river, stopping for a walk to a waterfall and swim. Then, back in the boat and a short journey to a site where an arson attack had reduced the number of canoes to three! This, thankfully, meant I didn't have to share with Judith, opting instead to do some walking in the area with some spectacular views.

We went swimming and returned to camp for lunch. In the afternoon, Eddie took us to Hidden Valley, and a good bushwalk through an area known as the Mini Bungles.

In the evening, we went to a "Shed" Party that Dingo had invited us to. The girls seemed shocked by the whole affair, not what they expected, but I had a fair idea. Basically, there were five guys, no girls, and they all sat around in a garage drinking beer. We hung around for an hour or so, then Nicki, Monika and I wandered back to the campsite, getting lost and taking twice as long to get back.

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