Tuesday, 9 May 2000

day ninety-four: quandong beach

Started on the next leg of the trip, by picking up new passengers. Three women, Puk (Denmark), Wendy (England), and Hiromi (Japan).

The Gibb River Road was closed, as expected for a number of days, so we would have to take an alternative route. We were all disappointed by what we would be missing, it had been the main reason I had chosen to do the tour again.

At first light, I would have said a day spent on the beach was a nightmare for me. As it turned out, I could have stayed there forever. In the afternoon, after lunch at Quandong Beach, Monika and I went to the beach to find a shady rock to sleep under, while the others went for a walk. We stayed there for four hours, sleeping. We returned to the camp about 5pm for dinner. The mosquito's in the area were out in force, and we all suffered.

Eddie got his didgeridoo out and I had to put up with the tired old tourist bit of people trying to have a go at playing it. Later, we took a walk to the beach to see the Ghost Crabs scurrying across the sand.

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