Saturday, 6 May 2000

day ninety-one: made it to broome

Today, we travelled through the edge of the Gibson Desert, devastated by cyclones, before trying to get to 80 mile beach, but the road was closed. As an alternative, Jeremy took us to an aviary at Port Smith - A big mistake, because the mosquitos descended us in a plague. From there we went a short distance to a lagoon where we swam and had lunch.

Then it was onto Broome, viewing a black ringed python en-route.

When we arrived, we had dinner, met our new driver for the next leg of the tour, Eddie. Didn't know what to make of the guy, but he had a keen eye, and mentioned to me that they should carry double swags on the bus for certain occasions!

Then Peti, Nick, Monika and I went looking for a pub. We found one nearby, and we had a couple of drinks, but an Irish band drove us to look for somewhere else. We moved on to Roeys Sports Bar, where we stayed, playing pool, for the rest of the evening.