Friday, 12 May 2000

day ninety-seven: el questro to kununurra

Left the station and made our way to El Questro Gorge. The slow bumpy ride, and heat in the vehicle made me feel sick, so by the time the walk started, I was feeling really rough, sweating and lethargic. At one point, I had to stop and take some paracetamol to control my temperature. The rest walked on, and after a few minutes, I joined them. The walk back was no better.

Things were eased at Zebedee Springs, where we sat in a thermal pool, being nibbled by tadpoles. After, we headed for Emma Gorge, and a good walk up to some spectacular scenery, and beautiful waterfalls.

We had lunch at Emma Gorge car park.

The drive to Kunnunurra was short. In the evening we went up the pub for dinner, and a few drinks, where we met Dingo, our guide on a tour tomorrow.

Left about 10.30pm, and made our way back to the campsite.

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