Monday, 8 May 2000

day ninety-three: broome

Jeremy was leaving us today. We went into town with him, and fitted in a breakfast break either side of a marathon internet session. Sad to see Jeremy go, wasn't too keen on the new driver.

The afternoon was spent waiting for photos to be developed, then up and down Broome trying to sort a flight change and tour booking for Monika. I was really pleased she had decided to spend another day in Darwin.

In the evening, we went to the Sun Cinema, Australia's oldest outdoor cinema, and a good night watching "The End of An Affair".

After, I had to endure walking around waiting for the Swiss contingency to decide what they wanted to eat! We eventually opted for Chinese given that no where else was open or could fit us all at the same table.

We returned to the campsite, sat up for a while. Eddie was sick from eating some dodgy chicken.

Monika and I were last to bed.

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