Tuesday, 23 May 2000

day one-hundred and eight: back on the bus

Up early to check my emails at the cafe near the hostel. Checked out of the hostel and hooked up with Eddie and the tour around 11am. Alongside Denise, there were three others.

We went off to Katherine Gorge, 30km away. We set up camp nearby, beneath a colony of fruit bats. The smell wasn't great, the noise even worse. Add to that the constant threat of being shit on, it was far from ideal.

Katherine Gorge was beautiful, as usual, and we took a 2 hour cruise down two of the thirteen gorges.

That evening, I was missing my friends from the previous tour. The dynamics of the group did not work and this return leg just wasn't going to compare with the preceding few weeks. I had a few beers, then booked a flight to return to Perth from Kunnunurra in a couple of days time.

Went to bed about 11pm.

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