Wednesday, 24 May 2000

day one-hundred and nine: return to kununurra

Woke early by the fruit bats in the trees above us, and Eddie kicking my swag. Today, we had a long drive to Kunnunurra, and it was my turn to sit in front. I wasn't much company for Eddie.

It was difficult to travel through those familiar places. Victoria River, for example. We passed through the quarantine point at 1pm, because of the change of clocks by 1½ and we were in Kunnunurra an hour later. Eddie dropped me off in town for a bit of a wander.

Later, I made my way to the Kimberleyland Caravan Park and went for a swim and relaxed around the pool.

Sold my swag to one of the others for a hundred bucks; as it was damaged I saw that as a result.

Evening; had dinner and an early night, as I would be up early for my flight.

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