Tuesday, 16 May 2000

day one-hundred and one: petherick rainforest

Plenty of time on our hands now, broke camp quite late, stopping at Adelaide River for morning tea. Sad to hear Charlie the bull, who had starred in Crocodile Dundee and resided here, had died a couple of weeks ago.

We got the familiar news that a road was closed, this time the one to Wangi Falls, so after a stop at some Termite Mounds in Litchfield National Park, Eddie took us to Bully Rock Holes, and a relaxing time was spent in the pools.

By now, Judith was feeling worse for wear on the trip, and had crashed out at the back of the bus. I really don't think this sort of tour is for someone her age.

From there, we went to Florence Falls, and Tomel Falls before heading to our campsite near the Petherick Rainforest, where Eddie had told us there was a thermal pool.

The pool wasn't up to much, so we walked 500 metres to Curtain Falls, an idyllic place.

After dinner, Eddie gave Nicki and Monika a didge lesson, I retired to the bus to do my diary and listen to my minidisc, where I drifted off for a while. Later, Eddie told one of his many stories, then we went to bed.

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