Wednesday, 17 May 2000

day one-hundred and two: arrived in darwin

Eddie took us to the rainforest in the morning. Interesting, but full of bloody leeches and I was glad to get out of there!

We reached Batchelor about ten and had morning tea. Then to Berry Springs for a swim, but it didn't look too inviting because of the floods, so I declined while the some of the others went in.

After lunch, we made our way to Darwin, and booked into a dorm room with Monika, and Nicki, at Melaleuca's. All the gang met up for dinner at the Victoria River Tavern, except for Judith, who had gone to the hospital.

Had the meal, then moved on to Shennanigans Irish Pub, where Eddie showed off his dancing skills. I learnt a couple of days later that he didn't even realise he had gone there!

Left for the hostel about 2am.

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