Monday, 15 May 2000

day one-hundred: more disappointment

Morning drive to Katherine, for use of the internet and shopping, then onto a didjeridoo shop. Next, off to Edith Falls.

Eddie wanted us to swim in the Lower Pool, but I said the better one was a ten minute walk away, so we all went up to the Upper Pool. A great spot, and everyone enjoyed it, which I was pleased with. On the way back, I was in a world of my own. I took the wrong track, and everyone followed me to the lookout. Monika said something about the route, but I didn't hear her. I was embarrassed by my mistake, and turned straight round and headed back down to the bus. I thought Eddie would be annoyed because he was ready to leave, but he was cool.

We headed for Douglas Hot Springs, a highlight of the tour, in my opinion, but we were disappointed to see the road was closed. Eddie looked for an alternative camp, and we found one before dark. It was by a river, but too risky to swim in it. You just couldn't be sure about the crocs.

I had a stomach upset and had to dig myself a hole on a couple of occasions. On the second trip into the bush, I was startled by a movement of some creature low to the ground, moving along the ground close to the river. It was probably a croc, but I couldn't be sure. Suffice to say, I didn't dig there! We went for a bit of a croc spot, later, but we saw nothing.

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