Monday, 5 June 2000

day one-hundred and eleven to twenty-one: final days

My last days in Perth were pretty uneventful. Time was spent relaxing for the last week, as well as looking for work back home, via the internet.

Occasionally, I popped out for shopping, or the cinema, and a drink with Duncan and Carol, who I had originally met in Adelaide, but were now in town.

So, rather than bore you with the details, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who I stumbled into on my travels;
  • Nichola Black - Constantly made me laugh, and saved the trip in Tasmania!
  • Madeleine Bortis - Great fun to be with, enjoyed our couple of weeks travelling in Tassie and up The Great Ocean Road to Adelaide! See ya soon, Maddy!
  • Shaun and Under Down Under Tours - Lay off the coffee, mate!
  • Duncan and Carol - Sorry about the cup final, enjoy the rest of your stay in Oz!
  • Hugh and Wayward Bus - Great cooking, and entertaining mood swings, Hugh! Top tour firm as well!
  • Graham and Tess - great fun to be with for the journey to Alice. Here's hoping we remain good friends.
  • Jeremy and All Terrain Safaris - for a thoroughly professional trip.
  • Puk Heinfelt Hansen - For putting up with me in Darwin!
  • Eddie Bird - for showing me parts of the north that people don't usually see, improvising on a difficult journey from Broome to Darwin, and for being so understanding when I got off at Kununurra.
  • Reg and Jen - As usual, for giving me a roof over my head in Perth and cooking for me!
  • Everyone else I met this time!
  • Monika Wyss - For more than words can say!!!!!!

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