Saturday, 7 July 2007

#28 - Princetown to Petre's Cross

As part of the 1240 walk recce, my objective was to take a look at the section between Princetown and Eastern White Barrow. in addition to visiting the Bronze age settlement of Erme Pound.

Taking the cycle path out of Princetown, passed Siwards Cross, up to Eylesbarrow, and then east over the River Plym to Erme Pits. Nature has reclaimed this remote spot, and it has an errie feel to it.

Next came the settlement. In my opinion, Erme pound was awkward walking, and not really worth the effort, with far greater examples of bronze age man to be found across Dartmoor.

Back on the high ground, I reached Petre's Cross, with a clear view to Eastern White Barrow. I headed back, via the Abbotts Way, making a quick note that the track is lost as it skirts around Great Gnats Head.
  • Date: 07/07/07
  • Region: Dartmoor
  • Status: Solo
  • Description: Princetown – Eylesbarrow – Erme Pound – Petre’s Cross – Abbot’s Way – Princetown – 1240 Recce – Clear, 14km, 5 hours.
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking