Monday, 13 August 2007

#33 - Dartmoor Perambulation Day 2

The last thing you want to do after a full breakfast in the Tors Pub is climb Cosdon Hill! But it had to be done, taking the best part of an hour. The path was easy going to Hound Tor, and down to another river crossing at the foot of Watern Tor, but by now we were past masters at traversing water courses! We climbed up to the next point, Thirlstone, where I could point out the route we would be taking.

Over the ladder stile and down to Hugh Lake Foot, through a herd of cattle, to the dismay of Catherine who was using her hands to blinker the sight!

The route to Shoveldown Longstone wasn’t obvious to anyone else but me, and the constant “Are we nearly there yet?” was beginning to grate a little, but once we had climbed up onto Thornworthy Tor for lunch, and I mentioned it was an hour from the reservoir to the Warren House Inn, everyone perked up a bit.

That was until I took them on a slight detour through the long grass to the Double Stone Row on Hurston Ridge. I turned to them, expecting them to see there faces lit up in appreciation but was met with a look that I’d seen the day before near Steng-a-Tor; better get to the pub quickly!

Everyone perked up when the pub was in sight, and we took a break before we headed to our accommodation on Runnage Farm. I then announced that the weather forecast meant we would have to postpone the next day. High winds and rain, meant Dartmoor isn’t the ideal place to be walking.

So, we stayed for a couple more, then got some takeaway Badger Ales (surprising how much room you can find in your rucksack in an emergency!) and we headed down to the Farm before we lost the light.
  • Date: 13/08/07
  • Region: Dartmoor
  • Status: Lead
  • Description: 1240 Boundary Charity Walk: Belstone - Cosdon Hill - Watern Tor - Hurston Ridge - Warren House Inn - Runnage. Overcast, Good visibility; 22km, 8 hours. Overnight at the Runnage Farm Bunkhouse.
  • Type of Walk: Leading or Assisting