Saturday, 8 September 2007

#34 - Dartmoor Perambulation Day 3

We returned, minus Simon and Cat, who had to work. Set off early to Runnage, driving into Dartmoor on a magical morning, with sunshine and mist, the colours more akin to an African plain!

The walk to Dartmeet was the best part of the day, seeing the bushes shrouded in cobwebs for as far as the eye can see.

Toilet break at Dartmeet, then on to Week Ford. By now the sun had really got his hat on, and it was obvious to all it was going to be a tough day.

By the time we had reached Dry Lake Foot, we were all knackered! I called lunch and we took a break. The climb up from Saddle Bridge to Ryder’s Hill had taken longer than expected and the heatwave had taken its toll. In the knowledge that the next leg was downhill we carried on, trying not to look at the task ahead from the River Avon, that climb up to Eastern White Barrow.

Thankfully, the climb wasn’t as bad as it looked from afar. The usual long grass, and ankle turning traps, but the ascent was gradual. By now, we were feeling better, and we marched on to Red Lake Foot.

What a difference eight weeks makes! When I last reached Red Lake Foot, I was knee deep in water and mud. Today, we safely stepped through the section to Erme Head, and across the River Plym to Eylesbarrow.

With the end in sight, Lynn and Paul changed into their beer legs, and raced off down the hill, passed Siward’s Cross with a sideways glance and on into Princetown. Jude and I traipsed in 10 minutes behind them!

A hard day in the sun, but we did it!

Team Members: Paul Buck, Paul Worthington, Lynn Vivian, Jude Kidd.
  • Date: 08/09/07
  • Region: Dartmoor
  • Status: Lead
  • Description: 1240 Boundary Charity Walk: Runnage - Dartmeet - Ryders Hill - Eylesbarrow - Princetown. Mist, clearing to good visibility. hot and sunny in the afternoon; 35km, 12 hours.
  • Type of Walk: Leading or Assisting