Saturday, 12 April 2008

116 or 103 miles?

A bit of confusion for me about the actual length of this walk! The Ramblers Association and Devon County Council put it at 116 including the Erme-Plym Trail section between Wembury and Ivybridge, and a couple of walking holiday websites say its nearer 103. It's a big difference; potentially a days walking between the two totals. I'm currently waiting for the relevant maps to arrive in the post, then hopefully I can put the matter to rest!

Meanwhile, a rough idea of my itinerary, minus the mileage!

Day 1 - Wembury to Ivybridge
Day 2 - Ivybridge to Holne
Day 3 - Holne to Chagford
Day 4 - Chagford to Morchard Bishop
Day 5 - Morchard Bishop to Knowstone
Day 6 - Knowstone to Withypool
Day 7 - Withypool to Lynmouth