Saturday, 16 August 2008


Next time I say I'm going to walk a long distance trail, get me sectioned! Today has been one of those tough ones; The rain was in on a southerly throughout, making it a thoroughly miserable experience! Any thoughts of enjoying this section couldn't be further from my mind, this was all about getting the 24km behind me. In all, the trudge took me about 7 hours, with only two stops totalling 15 minutes as there was nowhere to shelter from the great British summer! To finish it off, with 3km to go, I had a stand off with a herd of cattle who decided to chase me, and for a few moments I thought it was going to get nasty. Eventually my raised arms and sudden move toward them had the herd running in the opposite direction! Typical, the rain has stopped now, but it is due back tomorrow, when I least need it, as it's the first section on the moors.