Monday, 6 October 2008

WGL Course - Day Three

My routine took a blow today; arrived, as usual, in Princetown at 8am to find that the cafe didn't open until 9 on weekdays! had to settle for a cold sandwich from the local store.

It was a more relaxed day today. We had a theory session in the Visitor Centre, where we had our hillwalking log books checked and discussed such topics as the remit of the award, what constitutes a day's hillwalking, route cards, and more. After lunch, the weather was better for the camp craft talk. All those that had brought tents or stoves, set them up on the moor, and we discussed the merits of them, and the various topics related to wild camping such as water supply, going to the toilet in the outdoors, and cooking.

Finished about 5pm, pretty pleased with how it went. Now to stack up the hill walks and build on the experience so I can tackle the assessment!