Sunday, 5 October 2008

WGL Course - Day Two

Slightly changed the routine this morning, and went for a sausage and egg sarnie with a mug of coffee!

Today was supposed to be a discussion on camp craft, but the weather wasn't condusive to standing around so we headed out for more navigation. At first, the mist was worse (or better depending on your point of view) today, and this made for fun and games! I was entrusted with a leg of finding some old tin buildings east of Foggintor Quarry, without using any footpaths, and my route kept us clear of falling in, and we found it successfully.

After lunch, we set out again for a longer walk which should have taken us into the dark for some night navigation, but as visibility had been so bad, there was no need to. Once again, we were all given legs to co-ordinate, and tasks to carry out inbetween, such as timing and pacing.

The weather also began to brighten up, and by the time we were heading off to the Giant's Basin and the fine stone rows nearby, there was a chance to take off a layer!

Heading back to Princetown we got a valuable lesson in navigation; that a track on the map isn't necesarily on the ground. Our task was to find a pond to the right of a track that doesn't exist, and to confuse things even more, when we arrived at where we assumed the pond was, we found three in a row within a hundred metres! Fortunately, the 2008 version of the OS map appears to have been corrected, but it always nagged me that on the 4 occasions I've walked the section of Abbott's Way by the River Plym, I never found the track - now I know why!

Talking of maps; one of the many things I've also learnt today is that the Ordnance Survey Active waterproof maps aren't 100% waterproof!

We finally finished about 7pm, just before the dark and the bad weather rolled back in, but first I had time for sausage and mash in the Plume of Feathers inn, before heading home.